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Advisory Panels on Venice Lagoon, Italy

Venice Sustainability Advisory Panel

SSI assembled an international panel of expert advisors to examine the readiness of Venice, Italy to make adaptive management decisions based on formal assessments of the sustainability of the Venice Lagoon and its ecosystems. The Venice Sustainability Advisory Panel (VSAP), advised key authorities and decision-makers in Venice, Italy from June 2008 – January 2009, and through a report recommended technical, policy, and institutional innovations that are needed to strengthen the capacity for adaptive management. 

Reconstructed Habitat International Advisory Panel

SSI is coordinating an international advisory panel to supervise a new project to evaluate the environmental qualities of artificial salt marshes in the Venice Lagoon.  SSI provides expert support to scientists in Venice on determining the potential impacts of artificial salt marshes on the habitat and biodiversity of the Lagoon.  Dr. Lisa Levin, from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, joins Charlie Kennel and Paul Linden of SSI on the panel.  This activity began in April 2010 and will run through February 2011. 

Venice Lagoon Sustainability Management Panel

SSI, building on its previous work in the Venice Lagoon, started a three-year project in September 2010 to oversee and coordinate the sustainable management of the Venice Lagoon in the face of climate change.  The phases of the program include the establishment of a Venice Lagoon Sustainability Management Panel; a vulnerability assessment of the Lagoon system with Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers; an international best practices workshop; and a strategic plan for adaptive measures for sustainable management.